Be Brave

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Start by finding out who represents YOU. Follow legislation that is important to you and your freedoms. Set up meetings and attend public hearings. Our rights are slowly being infringed upon and it is time we stand up for them. 

Wisconsin legislature


Follow State Legislation.

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find a rep


Find your local representative's by location. 

Lobby Days

Stay tuned for our next one!

Letter Campaign

Here you can find letters drafted to legislators for you to send personally regarding various legislative issues we are currently facing. 

County health department meetings

Get involved at the county level. Here, find your county health department and schedule. Attend them, voice any concerns or just be present for the process. Accountability is key!

County Board Meetings

 Currently, County Board Meetings are happening across the State. There is a resolution to support the removal of our personal conviction waivers that counties are now voting on and possibility submitting to our legislator. Follow our calendar to stay up to date on meetings happening and please join us.

We need everyone!