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Wisconsin Could Require Meningitis Vaccine for 7th Graders

Wisconsin United for Freedom co-founder, Amber Psket told us members of this recently founded grassroots organization are against the rule change. Psket pointed out it’s a choice issue, not a vaccine issue.

County Board of Health approves resolution supporting stricter immunization exemptions

“We don’t want to take away another parents choice to vaccinate, if that’s what they choose to do,” said Jamie Bernander of Wisconsin United for Freedom. 

In the crossfire: As vaccination rates drop in Wisconsin, activists from either side come armed

Amber Psket, the co-founder of vaccine-choice group Wisconsin United for Freedom, said that her personal convictions aren’t necessarily what drives her group or those leading it. 

Community discusses pros, cons in vaccination debate at state Capitol

The vaccination debate continues Wednesday at the State Capitol as a non-profit advocacy group hosts an event called Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy. 

Vaccination events in Madison present both sides of argument

Two events with differing views on the issue of vaccinations took place in Madison Wednesday. 

wclo your talk show interview

Amber Psket is the Co-Founder for Wisconsin United For Freedom, a group that fights for the rights of parents to not vaccinate their kids. She joins Tim to discuss it this morning.

Advocacy group pushes back against proposed vaccine requirement

A Wisconsin advocacy group is pushing back against a proposal to require all Wisconsin students entering seventh grade to show proof of meningococcal vaccination. 

Proposed meningococcal vaccine requirement for WI Students

Dozens turned out Friday to a public hearing about a set of changes the state Department of Health Services is proposing on vaccination policies for children who attend a Wisconsin school or child care center. 

Parents rally to 'call the shots'

Parents rally at the State Capitol for freedom of choice.