Lobby Day

Next day - TBA

At our State Capitol

Join us!

  • Get familiar with the Capitol
  • Learn how to talk to our legislators
  • Meet with your representative(s)

We believe knowing our legislators is key to them upholding the needs of their constituents. Schedule a meeting with your local Representative. Buddy with an experienced citizen lobbyist or go solo. Get to know them, share your experiences and what you’d like to see from them while they represent you.

Click here to jump over to our advocacy page and learn who your reps are and how to contact them.

Don't feel comfortable going alone? As mentioned before, we can partner you with someone who has experience at the Capitol and talking with legislators. They really are no different than you or I but we understand the fear of the unknown. So feel free to reach out to pair up! 

We do recommend you schedule an appointment with your legislator, to ensure they are available that day.

Not sure what to talk about?

Anything that matters to you! What is happening in your town? Is there something going on in the State that concerns you? Are there any particular issues that you are passionate about? Talk to them. They want to hear from you. 

We've comprised a small document, as an example of one particular issue that is important to us and how to go about compiling a list of talking points for a conversation with your legislator.